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Grievance Process for Adults

Grievance Processes

Staff General school matters can be raised at Staff Meeting, with the PAC or OHWS Committee All personal matters should be raised directly with the person concerned and/or Principal in a...

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Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care at Macclesfield Primary

Kerry Crowden, our pastoral Care Worker attends our school on Thursdays Our School Chaplaincy Service Chaplaincy is a well accepted and valued pastoral care model in many parts of society (eg...

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Favourite Recipes from the Kitchen

You will find links to some of our favourite recipes at right.

2018 Our Kitchen Garden Program is continuing in 2018 with Joy Bourne, our Kitchen Specialist and Barbara Morphett, our Garden Specialist Years R 7 are involved in the Garden Program, whilst Years...

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Sexual/Racial Harassment Policy

Sexual and Racial Harassment Policy

VISION All students experience a working and learning environment free from sexual and racial harassment All members of our school community understand the nature of sexual and racial...

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Classroom Behaviour

Classroom Behaviour

VISION The school is a safe, enjoyable, success oriented environment where the rights of children to learn and of teachers to teach are maximised Students are supported and taught how to accept...

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VISIONAll students attend school regularly and punctually Continuity of learning and social interaction is maintained at a high level ACTIONTeachers will be issued with “Roll Class Absence...

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Sickness & Absence Policy

Sickness / Absence Policy

Vision 1 1    All students attend school regularly and punctually 1 2    Continuity of learning and social interaction is maintained at a high level Action 2 1...

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