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2/3 class 2017

Footsteps - Term 2, Week 2

Footsteps Dance

We are all enjoying our Footsteps Dance lessons immensely, each lesson is dynamic and entertaining So far we have learnt 'Move Your feet' and 'Ninja Rap ' Australian curriculum links Present...

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Wheels Day 13th April

Wheels Day

As a celebration of our class achieving 1000 Dojo points and as part of our learning in Health (places for health and fitness in the local community) we visited the Macclesfield Skate Park today for...

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Digital Technologies - Week 8

Peer Tutoring - SCRATCH

This week we started Peer Tutoring sessions with the Year 4 class   We learnt that to turn instructions into working code you have to use a special "computer language"   The computer...

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Design and Technology

Clean Up Australia Day Sustainability Machines

This week for Design and Technology the task was based around our theme of Sustainability and also Clean Up Australia Day The children had to first draw and then talk about their designs with others...

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Technology - Week 4

Digital Technologies

This week in Technology we learnt about what 'algorithms' can look like and what 'code' means We found out that algorithms can be: a list of instructions that can be followed to achieve a...

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Health - Week 2

Health - Week 2

This week for Health the focus has been our topic of "About Me " We have been working on a personal coat of arms, strengths and achievments posters and a whole class self portait puzzle We also...

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Week 1, term 1 2017

Week 1, Term 1 2017

Class photo, week 1.

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Softball Clinic

22/9/16 Softball Clinic

Today Softball SA visited the school to run some clinics for us They went through softball skills with us and we also played a game of 'Bran ball ' Thank you to Wes, Ben and Emily It was lovely...

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Professor Planet Sustainability Performance

21/9/16 Professor Planet Sustainability Performance

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Science Fair 15th September 2016

Science Fair at Heathfield

Today our class headed over to Heathfield Primary School for their annual Science Fair The children were thoroughly engaged for the whole hour and a half session and positive feedback was received...

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2/3 class timetable 2017

2/3 class timetable

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